It’s Friday quiz time

It’s Friday, and it’s sunny. Which means, really, diddly squat bar the second opportunity for you to take part in FAWUK — the Friday Alphaville Wot U Kno quiz.

After last week’s winner, the excellently-named Left Hand of Darkness, didn’t step forward to claim their prize, we have a rollover. So a lucky sod will now be winning two random items from Jamie’s desk, rather than one. (Trust, the swag we get sent is good. 700-page Alan Greenspan biography anyone?)

Righto. If you are hardcore Alphaville fans as we expect you all are, you should already know the rules — eight questions, six tangentially on finance, one price guess and one “guess who tweeted this nonsense”. The scoring system, like the inner workings of a dark pool, is unknown at the moment. Even to us. But, there is one certainty: the winner will be announced on Tuesday.

Also, we know the internet exists, but don’t be a cheat pls.

As ever, answers to Jamie ([email protected]) or Claire ([email protected]), or in the comments. At least an hour before the Friday US close, please.

  1. The FT this week published an investigation into the goings on at German media house Axel Springer, which provided evidence that senior figures at the private-equity-backed company knew more about allegations of sexual impropriety at flagship brand Bild than they have let on. What was the name of the former editor of Bild who was fired over the allegations? And, for a bonus point, which film has he borrowed his Twitter bio from?

  2. It’s been another week of heavily-owned growth stocks blowing up on earnings. Name two funds that were left holding the bag on Delivery Hero after it plummeted 25 per cent on Thursday following the disclosure that, surprise surprise, instant grocery is a terrible business.

  3. The breakout star of the week was alleged hacker and bona fide rapper Razzlekhan, a.k.a. Heather Morgan, who was arrested Tuesday along with her husband Ilya Lichtenstein for allegedly stealing bitcoin with a current value of $4.5bn. In her track, Versace Bedouin, she says she is many things. Name three of them.

  4. Affirm, the BNPL provider, managed to tweet its second-quarter earnings during Thursday’s market hours before the official release after the bell. Which member of the so-called PayPal mafia founded the company?

  5. As of 11.20am Friday, what was the spread between German and Italian yields? (Ten-year, for the avoidance of doubt.)

  6. Talk of a “monster hike” by the Federal Reserve is mounting. But what central bank actually put their money where their mouth is and hiked by a full percentage point this week?

  7. Peloton’s CEO John Foley stepped down this week, prompting hopes of a revival of the iPad-with-an-exercise-bike-attached maker’s fortunes. And mounting speculation of a takeover. So what will the stock price be at Friday’s closing bell?

  8. Who tweeted this nonsense?

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